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Writer's Block: Tricky Questions

January 14th, 2009 (11:22 pm)

What is your first reaction when someone says "I need to talk to you"?
omg. i'm in soo much trouble.. what about me do they know that i don't know that they know.. lol. i have a guilty conscience.

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New Blog

November 25th, 2008 (10:25 am)
current song: sylver

Oh if any one's wondering where i've been. I've gotten a new blog:
so.. my life is more organized and i can have a blog for my special interests.
I'm sad to kinda abandon lj.. but.. it like these better. they're more clean i think.

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Seventy Fifth Post - Inspiration.

November 17th, 2008 (01:40 pm)
current song: Toxic Lipstick

Here are my inspiration ponies.. they remind me of Toxic Lipstick.. and i want to keep the nice and not grubby.. because i am close to crazy.

Stacey (left) and Tracey (right) Hanging out with my mac haul i got yesterday see how grubby they are.. from 1980 children fingers. ew. :

Stacey and Tracey pony bathing :

Combing hairs:

Stacey and Tracey cutting up their new pony-dos :

Then Stacey and Tracey went to the pony salon for sexy pony curlz:

work it.

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Seventy Fourth Post - Design class again!

November 17th, 2008 (01:11 pm)
current song: Design Class

eewww its snowyyyy... sitting in design class.. like alwayssss.. yay.. so i have so time to write.. umm.. let's see.. i have lots to talk about.. so.. i went to the flea market, ulta, an etc. this weekend with mitchel.. and i found.. lots of cool stuff and some inspiration. so since i've been lacking in inpration and motivation lately, i'm making a box full of things that will inspire me to to stuff and be awesome. so i'll post an entry on my inspiration ponies. their names are stacey and tracey. i want to get a new blooooggg. so bad.. and do vids an stuff.. augh.. want to so badly. anyways..... so bought so when i went to the flea market.. there's this african lady who was selling shea butter.. like 100% pure shea butter and it was like whipped so it's not all hard like.. how it usually is when you buy it.. and she was also selling african black soap.. (suyi, are you aware??) and it's pretty much amazing?? i assume.. apparently the process is like burn banana leaves and peels and other burning other stuffs from nature... and then run water through it. ( hense making lye i do beleive) and combine with.. sheabutter. and then this equals awesome exfoliating lathering soap.. so i'm trying it.. shea butter's really really good for acne and pretty much every other skin disease out there.. so i'm ditching my facewashes atm and just using this black soap stuff. 'cause i wanna see how awesome it is.. and if it doesn't work, i'm going to my new birthcontrol anyways. so whatevs. i used it last night and it makes your skin like.. the cleanest feeling EVER.. i know i'm kinda rambling so here's a picture of it. : so... also yesterday.. i went to the discount mac store.. ahahaha. awesomeness. i wanted to pick up some for maite too.. but i don't know what colors she has.. so. maite.. MUST DISCUSS.. lol aaannnndd i got to pick up.. a new cookbook.. i LOVE this cookbook.. i've borrowed it from the library before.. : \ and it's so awesome.. i can't wait to make every single recipe.. like.. i just want to be a stay at home wife.. and cook for my husband and look pretty. there are not sushi recipes. but more.. eating at home daily cooking recipes. yaaay. whatelse.. i really want to make it.. it looks so good. i'l post some of what i make.. and share sum of the recipies.. theirs this one recipe i tried last time.. it was like cold noodles. and a ginger rice vinegar sause.. topped with eggs and cucumber and little seaweed ness. mmm. must stop eating mac and cheese.

tootal tackyyyyness.. :
hold on dusty squirrel!!!

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Seventy Third Post - Dieting?

November 15th, 2008 (10:54 am)
current song: Felix da Housecat

So.. i as i was talking about, i really need to reduce or watch my calories especially 'cause i'm always hungry.. so.. yesterday.. this was my dinner... very healty yes? those are frozen bluberries in the middle. that one cup of egg nog kinda put me over.. but it was going to go baaad!!! (justification!) lol.. so i ended up with eating around 2142 calories yesterday.. which is normal.. good for me.. i don't really do anything so my goal is like. 1800 calories per day.. oh well. i just get sooo board...blaaah.. oh lets see what else is exciting..i watche the new ep of KATH AND KIMMMMMM.. it was awesome and i'm kim. and mitchel's craig.. and we have a happy relationship. haha. mitchel told me that today they will be deciding which country's money will be the world money instead of the us dollar.. which means we suck and our curencies going to suck and i haven't even made my korean order yet.. booooo.. maite.. you and me.. we need to do it... now. we can discusssss, over spicy noodle.. lol. haha. anywayssssss.. tomorrow.. ii'm going to dayton with mitchel.. oh we had the nicesy night two days ago.. i skipped class and we whent shopping at filenes and i bought a cute black stone washed jean skirt. and then we whent to sephora where i browsed 'til my heart's content. yaay. then we got hungry.. 'cause i always am.. although.. since my huge project has been done.. i don't feel as bad now.. and we both wanted to not spend any money and eat at a cheap italian restaurant where i could get linguinie with a galic butter sause with steamed crabs on top and garnish.. but we ended up eating athe fishmarket.. and it was amazing.. and i had a really good time with mitchel. it's really nice to talk to someone who knows you really well.. and the food was sexellent. no joke. i ordered my garlic butter noodles + steamed clams not off the menu.. and mitchel had crab legs and we had... clam strips.. really amazing clam strips.. mm. so anyways.. i really liked it.. although i'm not really sure where mitchel's and I's relationship lies. i don't know what i feel.. anwayzzz. tomorrow. we'll be traveling to traders world with a stop at... umm.. the cosmetic's company store at prime outlets in jeffersonville for some discount mac.... i really don't need?? lol and then to traders world so i can buy weird cheap shit. and THEN.. i'm stopping at Ulta.. ahahahahaha.. i'm torn if i should visit my parents or not.. i kinda want to??? i want to show my mom my exfoliator.. and maybe my soap?? do you think she'll be proud of me?? NOOOO.. she probs wouldn't.. but.. whatevs.. ah. suck.. my mom hates anything that i do that's not school work.. and i want to get this painting this sorted out.. so maybe i'll visit for a little bit?? mitchel's gonna HATE me.. ahaha. whatevs. oh and i can grab my stuff i've been wanting to get like winter clothes.. but it's warmed up here.. boo. i g2g to work now.. suk.. i'm opening and don't even have the key.. so... what's that mean? nothing.. i dunno.. the outfit i wore the other day was really cute.. i'll try to get a pic of it. maybe i should do like.. daily outfit pics.. i'm sereiously considering a video blog.. but what to talk about?? or do?? i don't know.. i've been just wanting to make people happy lately.. it's really difficult.. because i don't really know what to do. sigh.. okay. off to work now. can't wait to walk in this rain.. i need a new umbrella..a non pink frilled umbrella. clear would be a cool color.. wah. i'm growing olders. :( I"m so fuckn hungry..

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Seventy Second Post - Soap Making

November 14th, 2008 (10:56 pm)
current song: Felix da Housecat

So.. i wanted to post pictures and process of my soap making.. i originally wanted to post them to show how i made soap... but my soap kinda came out fail.. so... i'm going to post pics and explain my fail as a documentation. I"ll probably document another batch of more fancy soap or anything new i make but this was my first batch ever.. it's really exciting and i can't wait for my next batch.. which was hopefully going to have been facny-y.. but probs will be more practice with half the batch size of this.. anyways.. i made old fashion soap that they made on the praries and whatnot back in the 19th century.. lol.. for this you need lard, chilled water and 100% lye. the ingredients were a little difficult to find but it's easy if you know where to look.. i bought the lard at a local butcher meat shop.. but you can find it at krogers. the lard i bought had BHT, BHA preservatives. I really couldn't find any lard that didn't have Bht of BHA.. but i really wish i could.. i'm still looking.. after i sucessfully make my soap with lard.. i will deffinetly try out other plant oils which will probs be easier to find w/o preservatives.. here is a snippet about BHT
"BHA and BHT excellent preservatives may also be implicated in health effects. The oxidative characteristics and/or metabolites of BHA and BHT may contribute to carcinogenicity or tumorigenicity; however the same reactions may combat oxidative stress. " so atleast i'm not eating it. Lye is bought at hardware stores in the plumbing department.. since the ever so popular REd Devil Lye is not longer 100% lye there is one brand - Rooto that is. it come in 16 oz for like.. $3.50. okay.. lye's really caustic but it's really not something to be scared of.. just don't touch it.. i wore rubber gloves and they say to wear goggles and i had some.. so i wore them.. lol.
i used 6 pounds of lard and 12-ish oz of lye.. to figure out the correct amount for the lard-water-lye ratio. i used the lye calculator.. just google it. the lye comes like a white powder. your water should be really icey.. mine wasn't really. i just chilled it.. but i think i could've been more patient.. apparently, when you add lye to water.. it gets really hot..
it's not too dangerous just don't splash any on your self..keep stirring.. and melt the lard. lard smells.. bad.. i promise.. like dead animal fat.. i'm not kidding. i'm not really sure about the next part.. my recipie told me to wait for the temps to be 85 for lard and 75 for lye. which i think is not correct.. i'm not sure what i did.. but after watching vids and doing a little more research.. it's really really really important that your lye and lard are really close to the same temp when you combine them.. i don't know if mine was.. which is why maybe i had some probs.. so.. i'm not sure what a good temp is for lard and lye but oils and lye are around 120 degrees you slowly pour the lye in at a pencil's thickness. and stir stir stir.. it's really important that when you stir your don't loose the heat too fast. which i think is what happened to mine.. because i never really reached a true trace. then you stir constantly for like 15 min to one hour.. i watched like.. 2 eps of family guy. the lye will saponificate and if it starts to trace, it means its done. i just pours mine into a tuperware tub. see how clear it looks? BAAAD. but i stirred like.. for an hour.. omg.. i didn't get any pics of the messed up looking parts.. but mine had like two layers. and ashy squishy top part and on the bottom was hard like reall soap.. i think the problem was the lost of heat so quickly.. so i think i'm going to get an electric mixer which is what a lot of people use and it's easier and you won't have so many stirring probs. after a couple hours i guess you can cut it and then later take it out and let it dry in the air for like.. 30ish days?? i dunno.. i had to scrape of the top ashy layer of my soap and i'm letting the rest dry atm. i used a little the other day just to see if i totes failed.. but it suds up and stuff.. it was quite cool.. so i can't wait to make another batch.. i really want to make a goats milk bar... really bad.. so.. yaaay. that's my thing about making soap. and here's a youtube vid of this lady that makes soap.. and it really helped me.. i think the most helpful soap making vid on youtube.. so here: check it out and try it. kay.. i might add more latas. i 'm tired of typing.

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Seventy Second Post - eesh.

November 12th, 2008 (11:19 pm)
current song: Army of Lovers

lol.. so recently, i've been hungry like so much all the time like i'm preggers or something.. i'm not really.. Mitchel says it's because i'm really anxious... by that i mean i'm anxietied. apparently not being full is a symptom.. so i've been eating a whole bunch.. and i HAVE TO STOP.. i'm going to get FAT... so.. i'm thinking about starting to write down what i can have to eat the next day and not eat any more.. i'm trying to like.. move about more than usual to counteract the fact that i'm always hungry.. it's actually quite uncomfortable.. but i can't really do that when i have a project due and i have to sit and stare at the fucking computer screen until my eyes fall out of my head. i woke up at 5 this morning to do my project.. augh. anyways.. okay.. no more procrastinating for me.. so what am i so anxious for? I'm bored.. and i'm restless.. i can't just keep doing this life of school and like.. boring stuff. i NEED to do something.. maite suggested making a podcast today.. i think that would be fun. she's such and awesome friend. I just have a case of complete restlessness. and despite having half a million things to do.. i just can't complete anything.. it's like i just cant concentrate and i fee like i'm being constantly distracted. by what? i don't know but my time goes away.. maybe lj writing.. i dunno.. anyways. i have one more freakin project to do tonight i'm so tired i have like rings around my eyes.. lol.. they look so horrible.. i look so horrible. i can't stay up late anymore. augh okay. i actually need to go finish my project. sigh.. and then.. gosh.. i don't feel like sleeping.. i really need to go to the bank and pay my cable bill.. and other things.. nothing's open at night. how frustrating. i just want to promise myself no more procrastinating.. it's really stressful for me.. so. you hear me aileen? no more procrastinating, bitch. i really mean it.

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Seventy First Post - Vetrens Day!

November 11th, 2008 (04:17 pm)
current song: TV

yaay. no school and i haven't done shit!! except when shopping.. Today is Pepero Day.. how exciting.. 'cause 11/11 is like.. 4 pepero sticks.. yay. so i went to the korean store and picked up some pepero sticks for people i like. Then.. i recently wanted to get some shorts.. especially for winter.. because i'm sick of wearing skirts.. this was my lunch and it was delish. theres like... red bean layer with vanilla icecream inside a.. bready thing.. i'm not reslly sure what type of bread it is.. i also picked up a bottle of Milkis for mitchel 'cause he likes it so much.
Then.. i went to Red Planet.. I really wanted some short shorts with like cuffs on the bottoms.. and i found a pair but they were way too large.. suck... so.. here's my haul.. i picked up some work shirts.. they were like.. 3 bucks each for tshirts.. and a found a fur jacket for liek 25 bucks.. with real rabbit fur.. it's really cool.. i hope it's warm for winter.

so.. lets see... i only was able to pick up one pair of shorts but they're armani exchange.. which is all fancy.. and now i own more than one thing with sequins..perhpas sequins are in. that's my room btw..SUYI...

I'm hungry.. i want to bake something.. mmmm.. something desserty. ooh i'm totes haveing mac and cheese and peas.. and umm. i wish mashed sweet potatoes.. but i have none.. or i can go out to eat korean with my design class? i dunno. i wanna go shopping again.. booo.. i want a scarf.. a black and grey one..

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Sevenyth Post - customising is hard!

November 10th, 2008 (11:39 pm)
current song: The Two Man Gentlemen Band

yaay new dock.. after.. um.. ahem.. 3 hourse.. hahaha. i found these images at www.kittybuttons.com my adobe programs are now represented by kim jong il (photoshop) hitler (illustrator) and a black faced al jolson (indesign).. yay.. of course.. adium has to be difficult and not change it's iccon.. how frustrating..

i hand made the FNDR and the TRSH.. it's full now..hense the star.. the boxes kinda anoyme.. i think it was something i did in photoshop with the layer.. suck.. i think i'll also have trouble changing to a non white background because all the photos are differn sizes.. but i'll deal with that when i get there.

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Sixty Ninth Post -

November 10th, 2008 (01:06 pm)
current song: The Two Man Gentlemen Band

oooooh kay.. so.. my goodness. i have sooo much stuff to do!!!! of course, i always have time when i'm in class. umm. so i've been thinking and working on my mom's painting for my grandmother.. I've decided on and oritenal cat and some bats... perhaps??? bats are good luck in chinese culture.. my cds from Serious Buisness came!!! The Two Man Gentlemen Band. yay.

my favorite song of the two albums - Great Calamities and Heavy Petting - would have to be Mouth to Mouth.. i think it's because it reminds me of poor Appalachia of the past. i don't know why.. but it does. much like alduval's music. oh i could just listen to these songs all day.. they sing about love.. and fun stuff with fun old-fashioned innuendos.. i totally fall in love with it. love songs are romantic. sigh.. it's like a history lesson, a love song, and a catchy dance song all in one. pure love.. Old history is so interesting.. i love all the news of the great disaster and murderers and the grimmy underside of society. I'm reading a book about prostitution in the west.. it's actually really interesting.. i think it would be fun to be a bording girl for at least a little bit.. they always wore the latest fashion of undergarments.. i LOVE that. i want all my undergarments to be instyle and spend all day in my lavish bed room and only going downstairs to eat for 20 minutes. . i'll talk more about this later.

to change the subject....... gosh i'm soo busy.. sigh.. i just want some time to do it.. like.. a 20 hour non interrupted daylight day. no school.. no work.. I"m not really sure what i'm doing.

I'm excited about..... gosh. i'm so busy i can't even think and organize my thoughts. ooh i'm eating koren with shana and a couple of my design friends today.. i'm excited but wish i were hungrier. should've brought my camera.. lol. soo i'm addicted to Kath and Kimm. vs. i think the american version is MUCH better. i love Kim's fashion... (american version) it's so richi rich.. i like how all her shirts are belly shirts.. MUST GET..

things to do:
cable bill
book report
peter's class
shana's dinner
Creamy's funeral
korean order
etc etc.

sigh.. i need to go clear my thoughs. I made soap the other day.. but it was utter fail?? so i'm remelting it.. i'll post pics of my process if everything turns out okay. sigh.. more stuff!

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